Before we begin our healing journey please note a few important things:

All appointments are on Pacific Standard Time.​ 

If you can't find a time that works for you please email us so we make an effort to accommodate you.


When booking:

* Please provide your full name as it is on your CURRENT legal documents. (All work is being done in your Akashic Records.  Your legal name has a unique vibration, specific energetic signature that we need to access your records).

* By providing your name you agree to give permission for me to access your records.

* Please specify if you want to have a session over the phone or via Zoom.

* NO in-person sessions are being offered at the moment.

Our work is 100% confidential.


​Healing is a process (not an event), therefore the treatment duration varies. Sometimes a significant shift will happen after one session, however, at least 5 sessions needed to break through the layers of the issue and get to the bottom of it.

To support your commitment to your healing and expansion I offer 5-session and 10-session packages. We would schedule our 50 min sessions, with, ideally, a 1-week reflection & recovery period between the meetings.

Then maintenance sessions are recommended to keep clearing the things life throws at you in order to maintain balance and progress further in your soul's growth.

Emergency sessions can be booked at a special price with a 5 days window for scheduling. Please email to schedule.

​​Please note: Healing and Coaching offered are not an alternative to medical care. If you have any health concerns, please contact your physician or therapist first.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so 24 hours prior to your appointment via email An appointment canceled within 24 hours will be non-refundable. 

At the time of your call, if I am unable to connect with you within 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, your appointment will be considered canceled and is NOT eligible for a refund of any kind. You may, however, request a one-time option to reschedule your Reading. Out of respect for everyone’s time, this rule will be strictly enforced. 

For any refunded or canceled session, there will be a 5% processing fee.​

By clicking "book" button below you confirm that you have read and understood all of the above.