Healing is not a treatment where you simply take a pill and remove the symptoms. True healing means locating and resolving the root of the problem; understanding what is creating the imbalance in our physical body or life in general. This is exactly what I am offering as a healer and a coach.

  During our sessions I act as a facilitator, guiding my clients into a non-ordinary state of consciousness through meditation to help identify and remove negative, or limiting, beliefs that prevent us from living our best life - full of love, health, freedom, and happiness. 

I use ThetaHealing® as one of the tools in our healing sessions. It is an incredibly powerful tool, a deeply healing and life-changing meditative technique that creates a more positive and joyful way of life by influencing and changing your thought patterns.

During each session, we will immerse deeply into the Theta state of mind that will allow us to access limiting beliefs deeply embedded in our subconscious and replace them with positive beliefs and downloads. ThetaHealing® can be also used to heal past lives, childhood, and ancestral traumas.