Meet Lena Rubin

 I was born in Ukraine, when it was part of the Soviet Union, in a family of teachers. I was highly intuitive as a child. However, I grew up in an academic and scientific environment, surrounded by educators and intellectuals, where eccentricity, any intuitive or metaphysical manifestation in my behavior beyond the understanding of modern science, was severely ridiculed. In fact, any type of originality was a taboo in Soviet society. So, I quickly learned to suppress my intuition and individuality in order to “fit in”. Regardless of that, I continued to be a very empathic person. I was able to feel and deeply understand other people’s struggles and emotions. My friends would always come to me for advice on how to handle personal problems. I have always been an excellent listener and had the ability to offer intuitive solutions to almost any problem. However, I was desperately lacking awareness of who I really was, what was my value, and what I can offer to the world. I have been blindly following generational patterns and was creating my life scenario according to them: finish school, get a job, get married, have kids, grandkids, etc. I was forced to play the role of a good girl, a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother because if you are not good, you are not loved and not accepted. Little that I knew all was needed for me is to love and accept myself. But it took me 30+ years, numerous therapies, antidepressants, becoming a mom and moving to another country, getting married and divorced, and the tragic loss of my partner to finally discover, love, and accept myself completely.

Throughout those profound life experiences, I’ve learned that intuition is an incredibly powerful tool that has allowed me to uncover the depth of the real me, find my soul’s path and drastically improve my life. For years I have been deeply unhappy. First with my family so, I got married to move out of my parents’ house; then with my country, so I moved across the world to the USA with my new husband and a brand new baby leaving my friends & family behind; then with my marriage, so I left my husband and everything we had to start a new life from scratch; then with my sexuality, so I decided that men are not what I want or need and started a new life with my female partner; then simply with life, as my bellowed partner tragically died and I was ready to follow after her.

I was constantly searching for help, but unsuccessfully. The inability to find solutions for my unhappiness through mainstream therapies forced me to go back to school to gain additional knowledge and find answers. Throughout my journey of self-discovery, I became fascinated with psychology. It felt like I finally found my life purpose. I started to get to know myself better and was diligently working toward my degree in mainstream psychology when the tragic death of my bellowed partner turned my world upside down…It was a very dark period of my life, but it opened the whole new world of parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, and the metaphysical side of our existence. This horrific event made me realize there is more to know and discover about our reality than science can understand at this moment in time. While I am still on a traditional academic path to my Ph.D. in Psychology, I am accumulating various non-traditional tools and using them to assist people in solving problems and creating a better quality of life for themselves. Although I am constantly questioning each one of those tools and my intuitive abilities (given my scientific mindset) I am endlessly amazed by how quick and impactful the results have been.

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